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Welcome to the GreenWood Family Park Eco Hub.

Explore, learn, and embrace a greener lifestyle with GreenWood Family Park.

We like to think, we’re a fun family park with purpose.

We’re all about going green, reducing waste and looking after nature and our precious planet. That’s why 80% of the energy used to run the park, is generated from the sun via our huge solar array system.

We’re here to help give you ways to carry on the GreenWood fun, even after you head home.

Our GET INVOLVED section is ideal for families eager to explore eco-friendly activities. From crafting your own paper and clothing to hosting exciting workshops, it’s a fantastic way to turn weekends, birthdays, or any day into engaging, low-pressure experiences that foster eco-friendly habits.

Going green is fun - let us show you how!



GreenWood’s Solar Array consists of 576 solar panels, this 150kW solar array not only powers the SolarSplash ride, but also provides around 80% of the park’s annual power requirement.


Our Rainwater Harvesting System takes the rain that falls onto the roof of our Woodbarn Café and uses it to flush our toilets, saving many litres a year of high-quality drinking water.


GreenWood has long been a pioneer of eco-friendly fun, the famous and unique ‘people powered’ Green Dragon rollercoaster uses the weight of people queuing to go on the rollercoaster to power its current journey.


SolarSplash, the first ever solar powered ride in the UK, is powered by our own solar PV array that also provides 80% of the entire park’s energy needs. The panels will also reduce our carbon expenditure by 1,700 tonnes.


We have planted over 260 trees every year since 1993, totalling over 5,000 trees! Our land is primarily now mixed woodland that not only helps to fix carbon from the atmosphere, improves soil fertility and porosity and provides habitats for diverse wildlife.


Wildlife surveys at GreenWood indicate we have a growing range of native flora, as well as different birds and invertebrates using the site. The bio-diversity of the site has increased significantly since we opened in 1993.

Educational Hub

Welcome to our Educational Hub. Check back soon to explore content to help you keeping your green journey going once you’ve returned home from your visit. Explore, learn, and embrace a greener lifestyle with GreenWood Family Park.

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