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How to have a green crafting day!

Read below to find out how to plan your first green crafting day…

Imagine a day filled with creativity, nature, and quality time with loved ones – welcome to our green crafting experience! Whether you’re hosting friends or enjoying family time, turning your home into a sustainable crafting haven is both fun and rewarding.

Let’s take a look at how to organise a green crafting day for your friends and family below:

Invite friends by sending green invitations!

Start by inviting friends or family to join in the crafting fun. Instead of traditional paper invitations, opt for digital invites to reduce waste. Choose a nature-inspired theme for your invite, showcasing the eco-friendly activities planned for the day. We recommend using a free software like Canva to create them.

Preparing green snacks and crafts

Before your guests arrive, prepare delicious green snacks using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Fresh fruit platters, veggie skewers, and homemade trail mix are healthy, colourful options that will brighten up your spread! 

Also, make sure to gather all the materials for your crafting projects. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Pressed Flower Art: Take a nature walk to collect fallen flowers and leaves. Then, create stunning pressed flower art by arranging these botanicals between parchment paper and pressing them in heavy books.

Upcycled Paper Making: This is a tricky one, but worth it if you manage to get it right! Recycle old newspapers and magazines to craft your own paper. Blend paper scraps with water and use a simple frame to create new sheets. Add natural dyes or flower petals for a personalised touch.

DIY Beeswax Wraps: Reduce plastic waste by making reusable beeswax wraps. Cut cotton fabric into desired sizes and coat them with a mixture of melted beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin.

Natural Dyeing: Experiment with natural dyes using kitchen scraps like onion skins or turmeric. Boil these ingredients to extract vibrant colours and dye fabric or yarn.

Crafting Together

As your guests arrive, share your eco-friendly crafting plans. Set up stations for each craft project, providing materials and instructions. Encourage creativity and collaboration among participants as you work on your chosen crafts.

Make sure to take breaks to enjoy your green snacks and appreciate each other’s creations.

Recycling and Clean-Up

After the crafting session, gather any non-compostable or waste materials for recycling. Sort waste properly to minimise environmental impact and consider composting leftover food scraps and natural materials used during the crafting process.

Reflecting on the Experience

Capture memories of your green crafting day with photos or a shared journal. That way, your green crafting day will act as a prompt to discuss ideas for future eco-friendly activities, and ways to incorporate sustainable practices going forward.

By hosting a green crafting experience at home, you’re not only fostering creativity but also promoting environmental consciousness. Every small effort counts towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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