Wet Weather - GreenWood Family Park Forest Rocks is back from June 15th!

Wet Weather

What Happens if it Rains at GreenWood?

What Happens if it Rains at GreenWood?

One thing we can definitely predict about the UK weather is that it’s unpredictable! But don’t let the rain put you off getting active and out and about at GreenWood!

GreenWood stays open come rain or shine. We find that most of our little explorers don’t mind a spot of rain, in fact… what’s better than splashing in muddy puddles?! Others choose to take shelter from the rain in one of the many places to eat and play around the park.

However, we understand that if we get a day of persistent rain, it can dampen the enjoyment slightly, which is why we have introduced our new WET WEATHER GURANTEEE!


If you visit on a day when there is more than 2 hours of recorded consistent rainfall, you can return within 28 days – absolutely free!

How will this be managed?

Our Management team will assess the weather conditions each day (supported by location-specific data from Weather Underground), if that day meets the criteria for having recorded 2 hours of unbroken persistent rain, we will mark that day as a ‘WET WEATHER DAY’ by the close of business (by 5pm).

If you happen to have visited on a day marked as a ‘WET WEATHER DAY’ you will be entitled to return for free on another date, as long as it is within 28 days of the first visit. You can turn up to the gate with proof of your original ticket purchase and ID (showing the date of the first visit to ensure it matches up with our wet weather days) and the team will let you in free of charge, so that you can enjoy a 2nd visit – hopefully with slightly better weather!

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