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We’re committed to operating sustainably but recognise that a significant proportion of our social, environmental and economic impacts arise indirectly through our supply chain. We are in a position to positively influence these through the careful selection of our suppliers and products, and proactive supply chain engagement and collaboration. Improving the sustainability of our supply chain supports delivery of UN Sustainable Development Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, and is a key aim of our business. This policy sets out how we do this.


Continuum Attractions operates a number of diverse and unique entertainment attractions across the UK. Supply chain sustainability impacts predominantly stem from retail, food and beverage purchases. The majority of company spend in these areas is with Group-selected suppliers. This is supplemented with locally-chosen suppliers for smaller spend categories (e.g. cleaning products) and attraction-specific offerings (e.g. locally sourced food and retail products).

Core principles

Our approach to responsible sourcing is founded on the following Group supply chain principles:

We aspire for our supply chain to:

We seek to offer our customers some:

We conduct appropriate financial due diligence checks on all key supply chain partners prior to engagement.

These Group principles are applied to Group suppliers and individual attractions also apply the Group principles to the selection of additional local suppliers and products.


Highlights from our responsible sourcing framework include:

At GreenWood Family Park additional local sourcing highlights include:


Our approach to responsible procurement is led by our Group Retail Manager and overseen by our Chief Executive.

This policies applies to all retail, food and beverage purchases.

We are continually evolving and improving our approach and will review and update this policy at least annually.

Signed by Steven Lester

Date: 02.12.22

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"Great theme park"
Spent the day here with my husband, son whos 11 and daughter whos 9, we had a great day, there is lots to do, parks, rides, plenty of food, ice cream & drink stalls. They have huts with activities in for an extra cost aswell. Will deffo go back for another fun day out.
- Steph View all our reviews on TripAdvisor
"Staff were fantastic from the get go"
It's clean and everything is sturdy and safe. We were a group of 6 people, 2 kids (7 and 3) 2 disabled adults (mobility issues) and 2 adults/carers. The kids loved all the activities available and enjoyed every minute of it. They didn't want to leave. I highly recommend.
- Tiff View all our reviews on TripAdvisor
"Excellent….a must do!"
Brilliant park, so much to do! 2 teens and a toddler there all day and still feel like we could have stayed longer. Magic show was very good, light hearted fun. The whole place has the feel of good fun. Staff were amazing, definitely worth the money.
- Visitor View all our reviews on TripAdvisor

Y Felinheli, Gwynedd
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Continuum Attractions is committed to achieving the highest standards of Health & Safety to all its visitors and employees. We are proud of the processes, systems and procedures we have in place across our business. Health & Safety is much a part of our company culture as our dedication to delivering unique experiences in memorable locations.
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Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot some on your visit to Greenwood!