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GreenWood Locals’ Pass is here for 2022!

Our Locals’ Pass gives residents within the LL postcode area access to GreenWood with a significant saving on admission tickets.

A pass must be purchased for each person to redeem the discount amount for each individual.

Passes are valid for the main park open season (See opening times & prices) from the date of purchase.

Locals’ Pass benefits:

Small investment – big savings!
Discounted entry to one of the UK’s leading tourist attractions for the 2022 main park season:

50% discount on admission ticket during off-peak periods

30% discount on admission ticket during peak period

Key information:

Purchase a pass per person for £10

Valid until 6th November 2022

Proof of residence required

Receive big savings!

Don’t forget:

You will need to provide proof of residence when you purchase your Locals’ Pass and upload a photo for each pass bought.


We do recommend pre-booking your admission tickets using your membership pass to receive your discount – you can just turn up on the day but we can’t guarantee availability.


Locals’ Pass FAQ’s

How to redeem your Local's Pass offer

Once you have purchased your pass, in order to be able to redeem your membership offer, you will need to create an online account and log into your account before choosing your discounted tickets.

To create your online account:

1. Enter your email address and click “Send Reset Email” at the following link: Forgotten password (

2. Follow the instructions on the email that you get sent to set up a password.

3. Once you’ve created your account, add photos for each member in the Membership section of your account.

4. You will then be able to log into your account using the email address and password to redeem your offer! Whilst logged into your account, click “General Admission” and choose the member/s who you want to book in by clicking “Add Member” next to their name. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Book Now” to choose the date and time for the visit.

Visiting with your Locals’ Pass

We strongly recommend all visitors to GreenWood to pre-book their tickets in advance of each visit, including Locals’ Passholders.

Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult to enter the Park.

Proof of residency

Locals’ Passes are available exclusively to residents within the ‘LL’ postcode, and purchasers are required to provide proof of residence when purchasing. 


Proof of residence with photo ID

Ideally, you should bring one piece of identity that shows residence in the ‘LL’ postcode area, and has your photo on, such as a driving licence or bus pass showing your current address.


Non-photo proof of residence plus photo ID

If your photo ID does not show your address within the ‘LL’ postcode (i.e. if this residence is not your primary address, or if it is a bus pass or work badge and does not show your address), please also bring in additional proof of your residence in the ‘LL’ postcode, such as a utility bill.


Three forms of proof of residence

If you have no photo ID at all, please bring three pieces of identity that show residence in the ‘LL’ postcode, such as utility bills.

Proof of residence for children

Buying a Locals’ Pass for your child as well? Simply bring them along with you, and we’ll use your own proof of residence. If you’re sending them along with an adult who doesn’t live at your house, please get them to bring in your own proof of residence.

Lost Passes

Physical passes will not be provided, all you need to do is create an account when purchasing your required number of Locals’ Passess and you will be able to redeem your discount each time you book.

Please ensure you read the Locals’ Pass Terms and Conditions before buying!

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