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Going Green

Every year, we make consistent efforts to minimise the negative effects on the environment and continuously look how to enhance the customers experience.

GreenWood Family Park is an award-winning family fun adventure park nestled in the foothills of Snowdonia in North Wales with over 30 rides and activities, celebrating the beauty of nature through eco-friendly and sustainable entertainment, using green energy produced by the sun, water and even humans.

Have you ever wondered where the ‘Green’ comes from in GreenWood? Well, it’s pretty simple really. We really care for our planet and so when our story started, we made it our mission to build a park to celebrate the beauty of nature in the most environmentally friendly way we could.

GreenWood has long been a pioneer of eco-friendly fun, the famous and unique ‘people powered’ Green Dragon rollercoaster debuted in 2004, which uses the weight of people queuing to go on the rollercoaster to power its current journey. The rollercoaster is 100% energy efficient and even feeds electricity back to the national grid when at full capacity.

Continuing the theme, 2016 saw the unveiling of SolarSplash, the first ever solar powered ride in the UK. The ride, involving riding dinghies down tubes as long as 91 metres, is powered by our own solar PV array that also provides 80% of the entire park’s energy needs. The panels will also reduce our carbon expenditure by 1,700 tonnes.

GreenWood is the UK’s first theme park to be powered entirely by renewable energy!


Our Rainwater Harvesting System takes the rain that falls onto the roof of our Woodbarn Café and uses it to flush our toilets, saving many litres a year of high-quality drinking water.


GreenWood’s Solar Array consists of 576 solar panels, this 150kW solar array not only powers the SolarSplash ride, but also provides around 80% of the park’s annual power requirement.

Carbon Fixation/Loss

We have planted over 260 trees every year since 1993, totalling over 5,000 trees!

Our land is primarily now mixed woodland that not only helps to fix carbon from the atmosphere, improves soil fertility and porosity and provides habitats for diverse wildlife.

Wildlife at GreenWood

Wildlife surveys at GreenWood indicate we have a growing range of native flora, as well as different birds and invertebrates using the site. The bio-diversity of the site has increased significantly since we opened in 1993.

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Rides and Activities

Other rides and Activities

Let your little ones test their nerve and agility as they tiptoe across stepping stones, scale walls and race through tunnels and balance bridges in our new Giant Quest, then you’ll need to work as a family to pull yourself along the Enchanted River Ride canal using ropes and just a paddle.

Fancy your chances as a modern-day Robin Hood? under careful supervision, shoot a traditional longbow, just like the Welsh archers hundreds of years ago. Or how about letting the kids experience the thrill of driving a 4×4 car, test their driving skills by manoeuvring their way through the trees in our Woodland Rovers powered by our solar array,

Get caught in the WildWEB! a six-metre-tall double mast rope pyramid, reach for the sky on our super giant jumper and test your problem-solving abilities in Britain’s only boardwalk maze

Become one with nature and lose the shoes and socks, our Barefoot Trail is the first of its kind in Wales and offers the sensory experience of walking barefoot through different terrains including sand, bark, straw, timber and water, and could you survive in rugged country without the comforts of home? try your hand at constructing a shelter in our den building area.

And don’t miss the magnificent Great Green Run – an amazing 70 metre Sledge Run and the longest in North Wales, or our pedal powered moonkarts where the whole family can whizz around our circuit.

Find out more about our Rides and Activities here


In February 2010, GreenWood was listed by The Guardian’s ‘Green Travel List’ as one of the 7 top green attractions in the world. We were also awarded the Go Responsible and Sustainable Green Award in the 2021 North Wales Tourism Awards, and awarded the Green Business Award in the Daily Post Business Awards 2022.


GreenWood Family Park is also proud to be a Natural Partner of North Wales Wildlife Trust, committed to working in partnership towards the protection and conservation of our natural world.

Head over to their site to see find out more about their work, how you can help support this charity and do your bit to help, plus there’s lots of fun activities for the whole family.

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