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Photography Exhibition in the Great Hall

GreenWood Forest Park will be the new home to a series of photographs called “Windows on Snowdonia” this summer.

The exhibition is the work of local photographer Steve Crocker. Steve has worked as a professional photographer since 1988 and his most recent collection of photographs come from the area where he now lives – Snowdonia.

The photographer tells us about his latest work “Windows On Snowdonia” is a collection of photographs drawn from a much wider portfolio taken over the past 10 years that captures the stunning beauty of this region in North Wales. The images selected represent the amazing
range of the landscape from the mountains, lakes, rivers, ancient woodland, through valleys and even onto the varied coastline to the west of the region, throughout the year and in the dramatic and often rapidly changing light.

He continues “I am very lucky to live in a stunning location; our cottage overlooks the Nantlle
valley, facing south towards the Nantlle ridge and specifically Mynedd Craig Goch. It is that amazing view from our cottage, captured during the winter and shown above that was the inspiration for this collection. The thinking behind the frames initially came from this idea of our very own window on Snowdonia. They were inspired by the chunky wooden window sills I installed in the kitchen some years ago and I wanted an alternative to large white borders and perfectly machine made frames more often seen in photographic exhibitions. Each frame is hand crafted, unique and they have evolved now to include the curved, more organic shapes with a visual weight that further compliments the rugged and vast beauty of the landscape. My aim was to have a frame that is as much a part of the image rather than just a convenient way to display the photographs on the wall.”

The photographs are now on display in the Great Hall and will remain their throughout July and August. For more information about Steve Crocker see his website

Windows on Snowdonia 2    Windows on Snowdonia

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