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Peacock finds new home at GreenWood

GreenWood has recently welcomed a new Peacock to the Park. The Peacock came from Paul and Christine Dicken who own Trosgol, a self-catering cottage in Deiniolen. The Peacock turned up one day in their garden and hasn’t left since, recently they felt the Bob the Peacock (named by their young grandson) was getting lonely and that he would be better somewhere with some other peacock friends!

They contacted GreenWood in the hope that he could join our flock. After two attempts to catch Bob, he was finally retrieved and taken to GreenWood to spend his days roaming the park with his new friends. Bob arrived at GreenWood on Thursday 30th August and will spend a few weeks in a large cage until he can get used to his surroundings, with Penny the Peahen next door for company!

GreenWood’s HR and Marketing Director Andrea Bristow had this to say “’ We all hope that Bob will settle well into the park. He will be happy to have the company of Penelope and Penny – our peahen ladies!”

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