GreenWood welcomes Archbishop of Wales

GreenWood had a special visitor on Wednesday 22nd August – the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan.
He was here enjoying a day out with his family including his two grandchildren Nanci and Olly.


Electric car stops off at GreenWood on trip around Snowdonia.

GreenWood Forest Park, North Wales’ leading eco – family attraction had a visit from a very apt car on Monday 6th August, which was run completely off electric.
The electric car was making a journey around Snowdonia with a local family to show how easy it is to be more eco- friendly.
The car which started its journey in Liverpool on Sunday evening was brought to the area by Renault salesman David Kirkby.  David drove the car to Betws-y-Coed, to Bryn Bella Guest House, an award winning B&B for its green credentials. At Bryn Bella he was able to charge the car with their newly installed two Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, donated by Zero Carbon World.

After an evening of charge David was then able to take young family, Rachel, Richard and Maggie Brady (15 months) on a trip around Snowdonia in this innovative, state of the art car. As well as the family, Mark Edwards, owner of Bryn Bella and organizer of the trip came along for the ride.
The journey took the car from Betws-y-Coed, through to Llanberis and onto Caernarfon filming the stops on their way, before stopping off at GreenWood Forest Park for lunch. Owners of GreenWood Forest Park, Andrea and Stephen Bristow were very keen to hear about the mechanics of the car and to hear from Mark Edwards about the installation of the charging points.Mark Edwards said: “Bryn Bella’s two electric charge points are going to open up a new chapter in green travel and tourism in North Wales. They fill in a big gap in the map of northern Snowdonia by making holidays fully accessible to electric vehicle owners”
Like Mark and Joan of Bryn Bella Guest House, Andrea and Stephen have always been passionate about the environment and ever since they opened in 1993, being environmentally friendly has always been their mission. Just a few of the ways they help the environment are; by using biodegradable food and drink containers, their cooking oil is processed into biodiesel, their cardboard goes to an Anglesey company for recycling, they recycle all the office waste paper and they have planted an average of over 500 trees each year since opening, the total number to date is over 10,000 trees. They also harvest 130 cubic metres of rainwater each year and use it for flushing toilets.

Stephen Bristow, GreenWood’s Managing Director said this “electric cars are definitely the transport of the future – completely silent, costing about £3 to “fill the tank”, with CO2 emissions from the electricity production ranging from zero (from renewable sources) to about one third of the equivalent in fossil fuels.   It was great fun to ride in this 21st century vehicle.”

GreenWood Owner graduates from LEAD Wales.

Co – owner of GreenWood Forest Park, Andrea Bristow recently graduated from Bangor University along with many other delegates on the LEAD Wales scheme.

The aim of the LEAD wales programme was to give owner-managers the resources and support they need to fully harness the skills and energy of their staff, recognise and exploit opportunities for greater efficiency, and provide a sound platform for growth.

The course which was held at Bangor University ran for just under a year and was attended by other local business owners.

Andrea attended the graduation ceremony on 25th July and was presented her certificate by the Vice Chancellor of the University, John Hughes and Head of the Bangor Business School, John Thornton.

Andrea had this to say about finishing the course “it was such fun to meet business people from all walks of life and I think the programme is excellent. As a bonus we have started business contacts with some of the other delegates”

Pirate Show raises money for Cancer Research

GreenWood’s resident entertainer Ricardo the Pirate has put on a charity show in order to raise money for Cancer Research.

Ricardo the Pirate who is a regular entertainer at GreenWood Forest Park performed his charity show on Sunday 8th July at 2:30pm. He was raising money for his daughter Stephanie Rayner Viner who is attempting to swim the English Channel for Cancer Research UK.

Visitors entered the park for £6 to see the show, with the money raised going towards the cost of the swim and to Cancer Research itself. The show was enjoyed by all and in total £284.53 was raised.

If you were unable to visit the show and want to donate, you can via by searching for “Stephanie Rayner Viner channel swim attempt 2012”

GreenWood builder wins Champion Road Race cyclist of Wales!

Congratulations to Gareth McGuinness – Champion Road Race cyclist of Wales!  Gareth has worked each winter at GreenWood for many years, constructing most of the buildings here, as well as the new offices.  Together with his late father Gerry, he built the Jungle Boat Adventure, one of the muddiest projects we have ever carried out.  Gareth recently won the 80 mile road race in mid Wales to become National Champion of Wales, beating off much younger opposition.  This is a fantastic achievement, especially given that Gareth only took up cycling a few years ago.

Chanterelle Mushrooms growing at GreenWood

There was a nice surprise for GreenWood co-owner Andrea Bristow this morning as she spotted some Chanterelle mushroom’s growing in the car park.

Chanterelle mushrooms are quite a rare mushroom and are known as one of nature’s finest delicacies.

Andrea was very happy with her find and plans to have them for her dinner this evening!

Congratulations to the Bethel under 12s!

Congratulations to the Bethel Under 12 Football team!  The team won 3 trophies this season – the North Wales FA Competition, the Gwyrfai League Trophy and the Gwyrfai League Cup.  This is a fanatastic achievement, reflects the huge effort put in, not only by the team but by the coaches, managers and all the parents who help and support the team.

GreenWood Forest Park have been sponsoring the Under 12s for a number of years, and this year were also the main sponsor for the Bethel Girls Football Team for their recent trip to Spain where they played against local Spanish teams.

Giant Mush-rooms sprout up in the Forest!

There is something going on down in the woods at GreenWood Forest Park, Giant fibreglass mushrooms have begun sprouting up in the Forest. The mushrooms are a new addition to the park and include one enormous mushroom for children to play in. The area is now open and ready for visitors to admire. Andrea Bristow, GreenWood’s HR and Marketing Director had this to say “I think the giant mush-room’s look magical, in the woods surrounded by ferns and moss- I can imagine the children having a magical time playing there”


Ysgol Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsular has won a prize of £250 to help them to continue to develop their wide range of environmental activities.  The competition was run by North Wales attraction, GreenWood Forest Park, Y Felinheli.

Ysgol Nefyn were able to demonstrate that they have a wide ranging interest in environmental matters, from improving the school garden and grounds to litter picking on the beach, and from researching local history to establishing links with a school in Kenya.

Since GreenWood opened in 1993, being environmentally friendly has always been their mission. Every year, they make consistent efforts to minimise the negative effects on the environment and maximise the positive. Their famous GreenDragon Rollercoaster is the world’s only people powered rollercoaster. It uses traditional slate quarry technology (a funicular railway) to make use of the weight of the passengers to lift the empty cars from the bottom to the top of the hill where the loading platform is. Over a year of operation, the ride should actually generate more power than it uses.

In order to help schools  become more environmentally friendly, GreenWood opened the competition to all schools in the Gwynedd and Anglesey areas. Schools then sent in their reports on what they already do to help the environment and told GreenWood what they would do with the money if they won it.
The entries were judged by GreenWood’s owners Stephen and Andrea Bristow. Here is what Stephen had to say about the winning report “We were very impressed by the breadth and scope of their environmental activities and particularly appreciated the social and community aspects. The children are being exposed to a wide range of environmental and social issues and this experience will be invaluable to them in the future.”

The first prize of a £250 went to Ysgol Nefyn, a second prize of a free school trip went to Ysgol Bontnewydd and joint 3rd prize went to Ysgol Rhosgadfan and Ysgol Gynradd Llangoed, who each received a 2+2 family ticket.