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Get outdoors whatever the weather!

Let’s not kid ourselves, grown-ups. The weather in the UK is unpredictable at the best of times and often, much of what we do is governed by it. In fact, it’s not unheard of for us to be treated by Mother Nature to several seasonal offerings in one day alone so we’re figuring that this summer it’s probably best to forget the forecast – just get outdoors whatever the weather!

It’s widely reported about the benefits we’re rewarded with both mentally and physically from being outside no matter what our age, but somewhere in the mix of growing up and becoming sensible, we forget the simple pleasures jumping in a muddy puddle, hibernating in a shady spot or catching raindrops on our tongue can bring. Kids are rarely phased by the weather but thoughts of dirt-laden clobber, grass stains and mud-splattered footprints on clean floors cloud our ‘grown-up’ judgement and quite frankly, the inner kid in all of us takes a back seat preferring to play it safe.

In our opinion, mess can quite easily be cleaned up in minutes. Fond memories and fresh air are far more important…

But, if the rain does come down, here are our top tips to embracing it and keeping the kids happy: 

Puddle Jumping

Kids don’t like being damp – they love being absolutely drenched and the bigger the puddle, the better in their eyes!

Discover different wildlife

Rain and changeable weather can bring out a whole host of animal friends whether it be slugs, bugs, frogs or a gaggle of geese!

Hunt for Rainbows

Rumour has it that rainbows originate in the woods… and we all know what’s at the end of a rainbow, so we say layer up and look up. Who knows what treasure you might find!

Get Soaked

If you’re heading down to GreenWood, Solar Splash is a firm family favourite. The giveaway is in the name a little, but you’re going to get wet anyway so who cares if it’s raining!

Be Prepared

Invest in some good quality waterproofs… There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. (We don’t want to be all about dampening your spirits though, so also make sure you’re stocked up on sun cream and have sun hats for those brighter British days out!

So, dress for mess folks and we’ll see you on the forest floor come rain or shine this summer!


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