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Dafydd Wigley celebrates his 70th Birthday at GreenWood Forest Park

After officially opening GreenWood Forest Park / Gelli Gyffwrdd (then the GreenWood Centre) 20 years ago this year, Lord Dafydd Wigley was back at the Park celebrating his 70th Birthday with his Family.

Dafydd was joined by his family including his four Grandchildren who were enjoying their day out at GreenWood / Gelli Gyfwrdd. His young Grandson Cai Dafydd had this to say about the Park “ Y lle chwarae gorau yn Nghymru / it’s the best place to play in Wales”

His Granddaughter Ana Wigley, 6 told us “Fy hoff reid i ydi’r y Sleid fawr a’r roller-coaster / My favourite ride is the Big slide and the roller-coaster”

Dafydd has fond memories of opening the centre back in 1993, and mentioned “ Mae coed wedi tyfu’n aruthrol ers i mi agor y parc ugain mlynedd yn ôl / The Trees have grown a lot over the past 20 years”

Co-owner of GreenWood Forest Park, Andrea Bristow was very happy to bump into the family in the café- “ It was lovely to see a familiar face again, I feel Dafydd Wigley has not changed in 20 years.”


Lord Dafydd Wigley          O

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